Handcrafted Corner Cupboards

Handcrafted Corner Cupboards

Architectural Walnut Corner Cupboard

Solid Walnut Walnut Corner Cupboard

Solid wood at its best. I designed and built this cupboard from solid Walnut, using, Poplar for secondary wood. This cupboard is large, at 95″ Tall and 45″ across the front, it is very impressive. It can be made in Pine, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Tiger Maple, Pine Painted. Can be customized for size.

Prices: Pine $4600.00 / Walnut $ 6100.00 / Cherry $5600.00 / Oak $5800.00 / Tiger Maple $7100.00 / Pine Painted $6500.00 /. Blue Paint or White Painted Interior $ 230.00

Quarter Sawn Oak Corner Cupboard

Quarter sawn oak tall corner cupboard.

Solid wood corner cupboard in quarter sawn Oak. This cupboard is 89″ Tall x 38″ Wide at front. The doors are mortise and tenoned, and the drawers are dovetailed. A large sheet of glass is used for the door (safety glass is used). The base is an unadorned, simple bracket base. The shelves have 14″/12″/12″/16″. Can be handcrafted in Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Tiger Maple, Pine.

Prices: Pine $ 3500.00 / Cherry $3900.00 / Walnut $4700.00 / Oak $4300.00 / Quarter Sawn Oak $4800.00 / Tiger Maple $4300.00 / /No drawers -$200.00 / Painted Blue or White Interior Add $200.00

Painted Pine Corner Cupboard

Painted Corner Cupboard with Tomb Stone Doors

Solid Pine corner cupboard painted Slate Blue. This cupboard was painted and slightly glazed, can be distressed more or not distressed. Available in solid wood or Painted. 87″Tall x 39″ Across front.

Painted Pine Corner Cupboard in White

Painted white corner cupboard made from Pine

Painted Pine or Poplar Corner Cupboard. This cupboard is a 4 door cupboard I made, when I had a custom workshop in Charleston, SC. I call it the Painted Beaufort Cupboard. It can be made in solid Hardwood or like it is. The size is 89″ Tall x 42″Wide.