Handcrafted Dining Tables

Handcrafted “Windsor” Dining Tables

handcrafted card table work table in Maple
Handcrafted Maple Dining Table

This handcrafted table is made from Maple and stained. I offer a dozen different stain colors. The table can be made in Natural Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Tiger Maple and Hickory. Other woods available. The base price has no drawers, unlike the picture which has 4 drawers, used as card table.

Sizes: 42″ x 42″ / 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Prices: 1400.00 to 3500.00 call for questions. 931-981-1171

Handcrafted “Quebec” Dining Table   

French Provincial Dining Table Oak Walnut Cherry
Handcrafted French Provincial Dining Table                        

 Priced based on 3″ thick legs and a curved apron. The apron has a bead (accent molding) at bottom edge of scroll. This table is impressive in an 8′ table.  With a molded top edge and serpentine aprons and top to match, it really is a work of art. Works well with upholstered chairs.  I make this table from Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Tiger Maple, Hickory and Ash. Natural or Stained Wood.

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Prices: $4500.00 to $7500.00

Handcrafted “Vermont” Queen Anne Table

Curly maple Queen Anne Table
Curly Maple Queen Anne Table

This table is made from solid wood. I hand turn the pad foot, then hand shape the legs, into the elegant Queen Anne Cabriole leg. The sensual legs are accented by the heart-shaped aprons. I make this table in Curly Maple, Oak, Walnut, Mahogany and other woods.

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Prices: 2500.00 to 5200.00 call for questions.

Mahogany “Banquet Table” Chippendale Style

mahogany cherry banquet extension table
Mahogany Banquet table Chippendale Style

Fluted legs and bent aprons make this an exceptional table. It is made with two D-Shaped Tables and One Drop Leaf Table. The two D-Shaped tables are 36″ Deep x 46″ Wide.  The center drop leaf Table is 30″ Wide so a chair can go between legs and each side has a 24″ wide leaf.  This table will seat 12 people. It is designed for comfort. It can be made for up to 30 people.

Table can be made in Tiger Maple, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Maple, Mahogany

Sizes: Seat 12

From: 6100.00 to 9500.00

Handcrafted “Grande Isle” Walnut Table

Handcrafted Contemporary traditional Walnut Table
Handcrafted Walnut Table and Chairs with Metal Accents

Table is shown in Walnut with Brushed Metal Dental Mold and Brushed Metal Leg Caps. Available in Tiger Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Cherry

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 96″ x 40″ / 110″ x 42″

Top: The top is made standard with 1 1/4″ thick boards. I match for grain, color and figure.

Base: 3″ Thick Square Legs on the 60″ to 84″ Tables / 3 3/4″ Thick Square Legs on the Tables over 96″ Long

From: 3900.00 to 6200.00 Call 931-981-1171 or Email michaelmcguirefurniture@gmail.com

Handcrafted “Tuscan” Table with Carved Scroll/Reeded Post

Tuscan Pedestal table in Cherry
Tuscan Table With Carved Details

Table in shown in Cherry, available in Tiger Maple, Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Pine I can make this in double pedestal also. Table is 800.00 less without carving and reeded post.

Sizes in Round: 48″, 54″, 60″

From: 5100.00 to 7200.00

Walnut “Parsons” Table with Aluminum Base

Parsons Table with Walnut Top and Aluminum Base
Walnut and Aluminum Parsons Table

Table is made from solid wood, 2.5″ square legs and 3″ aprons. Can be made in other metals. The top choices: Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Maple, Tiger Maple, Hickory. Walnut tops can have blemishes and small knots. Walnut with no knots available.

Sizes:  60″ x 32″ / 78″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 96″ x 40″ Table can be made with 1″ thick top or 1 1/4″ thick top. Call or email for pricing. Wider tops also available.

From:  1300.00 to 3400.00

“Charleston” Heart Pine Extension Table

Heart Pine Extension Tables with Solid Legs
Heart Pine Extension Tables

This extension table is shown without the two leaves. The leaves have aprons attached so they are stored in a closet. If you want them to be stored in table top then the Leaves are separate from the aprons. Wood choices: Maple, Tiger Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Pine

Sizes: 44″ Wide x 60″ without leaves / with 2-20″ leaves 100″ Long. One leaf 80″ Long

Top: 1″ thick solid wood

Base: Inner base within the skirted, bent aprons.

Prices: Starting at 3800.00 for full Table and 2 leaves in Pine. Call 931-981-1171 or Email michaelmcguirefurniture@gmail.com

Mid-Century Dining Table

Black Stain on Mid-Century Oak Dining Table
Mid-century Dining Table

This table is modeled after a Mid-Century table. The legs are 1 3/4″ thick and are tapered and canted 7 degrees. The apron is 5″ tall with the legs positioned at a 45 degree angle from the top. The top is 1 1/4″ thick and appears to be floating. Table is stained Jet Black, other stains available, or no stain and left natural with Oiled Finish. Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Tiger Maple, Maple etc. Walnut priced based on some defects. For clear Walnut add 400.00.

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Prices: $2500.00 to $5300.00 Call: 931-981-1171 or email: michaelmcguirefurniture@gmail.com

 “Country Homestead” Farm Table

This table is a Classic Tapered Leg farm table. It is show with a 2 1/2′ square table leg. The aprons and legs are mortise and tenoned, with a bead molding at the bottom of the aprons. The base is Painted Black over Red and distressed, so the black paint is highlighted by Red paint. The top is hand paned or sanded and made from 1- 1/8″ thick solid wood planks. The top can be 13/16″ thick, which reduces price 140.00. Cherry, Oak, Ash, Walnut, Tiger Maple, Maple, Hickory.

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Prices: Starts at 1160.00 to 2900.00 Walnut Table add $600.00

Lewisburg “Tobacco Barn Oak” Dining Table

Reclaimed Oak Farm Table
Reclaimed Oak Farm Table

The legs are made from 2 3/4″ square, solid Oak and shaped with simple curve and taper. The legs are mortise and tenoned and pegged. Interior of table has large corner blocking and also bolted. Like all the tables I make, they are very sturdy tables. Knots, Blemishes and the patina of this 100 year old Oak boards is outstanding. This table is 32″ x 60″ Long. Tongue and grooved boards and  a smooth water restart finish makes this table good for a country house or in a city apartment. Top thickness 7/8″

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Prices: $1800 to $3200.00 Call 931-981-1171 or Email: michaelmcguirefurniture@gmail.com

Shaker “Canterbury” Dining Table

Canterbury Shaker Table
Canterbury Shaker Table

This table was made for a customer in Connecticut. It is a classic Shaker table with fine, tapered legs. The chairs were made by my Dad, Jack. Made rom Cherry and available in Cherry, Tiger Maple, Walnut, Oak, Maple and Ash. Other woods call. Table legs is 1 7/8″ square and graduates to 2 1/4″ square on three larger tables.

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Price: $1500.00 to $2300.00 Email michaelmcguirefurniture@gmail.com or call 931-981-1171

“Wethersfield” Handcrafted Dining Table

curly maple tavern table
Curly maple Tavern Table

Made from Curly Maple for the top, and Maple for the Base, this table features, mortise and tenon construction, bread board ends on the top and pegged joints. The base is Painted with Black Milk Paint and distressed and glazed. Available in Cherry, Maple, Tiger Maple, Walnut.

Sizes: 60″ x 32″ / 72″ x 36″ / 84″ x 38″ / 94″ x 40″ / 112″ x 42″

Prices: $2100.00 to $3900.00 add $500.00 for Walnut. Call 931-981-1171. Email: michaelmcguirefurniture@gmail.com