Contemporary Walnut Table with Aluminum Base

This project is in the middle of being finished. I made the top from hand selected Walnut.

This table as you can see on the interior sides of the legs are telescoping. The holes are bored at 1″ increments, with a clevis pin inserted for table height adjustment. The table adjusts from 30″ to 36″ Tall.

Walnut Table with Aluminum Base
Walnut Desk and Dining Table with Aluminum Telescoping Legs
Matte Black Aluminum Table with Walnut Top
Matte Black Aluminum Table with Walnut Top

Handcrafted Shaker Blanket Chest in Natural Cherry

I started this piece a month ago. It has been a real fun project. I have made several blanket chests. This is the first one with a drawer. I think it would be real cool with more drawers. The Shaker Blanket Chest is made from Cherry and oiled with four coats of oil. Rubbed out between every coat of oil. It really is fantastic in person. I have made all secondary woods from White Pine.

The piece is gong to be added to my website and available in Cherry (Natural oil), Tiger Maple (Natural Oil or Stained), Walnut (Natural Oil or Stained, Oak, and Maple and of course Pine.

Shaker Blanket Chest in Natural Cherry
Shaker Blanket Chest Michael McGuire
Michael McGuire dovetail work on Shaker Blanket Chest
Michael McGuire hand dovetail work on Shaker Blanket Chest

Tennessee Sugar Chest

Tennessee Sugar Chest

I have been researching Sugar Chests, after I saw one on Antiques Roadshow. The Sugar chests are relatively close in size. This example is made with through dovetails and tapered legs. The interior is made from Pine.

Work in progress. The drawer will be dovetailed, accented with lathe turned knobs.

Made from Cherry. This example will be finished in the coming weeks. The front of drawer is cut from a wide board, so the top drawer apron and bottom apron, match for grain pattern.

Handcrafted Tennessee Sugar Chest Michael McGuire
Tennessee Sugar Chest


Contemporary Ladder Back #4 Chair

Contemporary Ladder Back #4 Chair

Contemporary Ladder Back Chair
#4 Contemporary Ladder Back Chair Tennessee Made

This chair is a favorite chair for couples 25-35 years of age. It has simple lines and is reminiscent of Mid-Century chairs. The chair is also a good price point, for a handcrafted chair. The seat is made from a frame with webbing stretched over the seat frame. The seat frame is then covered with 2″ hard foam and a 1/4″ foam, final fabric is added and a customer can either choose from fabrics on the site or send there own fabric, or leather.

The chair is also available with a cushioned back, replacing the slated, ladder effect.

Mortise and tenoned the chair is made as a side chair (arm chair in picture).

Size is 22″ wide for arm chair (between the arms) ad 20″ wide for the seat on side chair.

Beginning prices start at $310.00 Maple.

“Cheatham” Handcrafted Gun Cabinet

Handcrafted Gun Cabinet

This piece was commissioned about three months ago from a gentleman in Arizona. He wanted a gun cabinet for twelve rifles and shotguns. The piece is made from solid wood. The interior is finished with gun pockets for the butt of the rifles, with he riffles slanted left and right like a book. The doors are made with tempered glass and are locked with brass lock. I make this in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Painted Poplar (Milk Paint or Chalk Paint), Tiger Maple.

This was a fun project. It is a special piece for displaying a collection of guns.

This piece can be customized with all doors (no drawers) or deeper cabinet at base, similar to stepback cupboard.

solid Tiger Maple gun cabinet handcrafted in Tennessee
Tiger Maple Gun Cabinet

Hand turning Sheraton Table Legs

I hand turn legs and chair parts for all my furniture. The leg in the picture is for a Sheraton Night Stand in Tiger Maple. I started turning on a lathe when I was fifteen. Most turnings require only three tools, parting chisel, fine gouge and roughing gouge.
hand turned Sheraton Legs

Handcrafted Walnut Corner Cupboard

Walnut Architectural Corner Cupboard

Solid Walnut Walnut Corner CupboardHandcrafted Corner Cupboard. This is a piece, I just added to my website. I designed and built this 13 years ago for a Linen Merchant in Beaufort, SC. At the time, I was renting Building #5 at the Charleston Naval Base, with my parents.  The cupboard was made in two pieces, to be able to move it easily. This piece is huge at 96″ tall and 47″ wide. It looked fantastic in the Grande Living Room.

Handcrafted Step Back Cupboard

This handcrafted cupboard is made from solid Cherry. It is about 48″ wide x 90″ tall. Featuring, Rat Tail Hinges and Wrought Iron Knobs, the piece will age gradually and the patina will darken. A piece of furniture that has been oiled with Linseed Oil or Tung Oil will darken with age.

This piece is two pieces, the top sits down into the bottom of the buffet. Shelves and back boards are made from solid cherry. The back boards re ship lapped and screwed on. Drawers are dovetailed.  Any questions? email me: